Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Effective communications systems are critical to every business as they respond to the demands of today’s work environment. The traditional PBX is no longer a match for modern businesses and can seriously damage profitability. Transitioning to Unified Communications in the cloud can help you unleash the potential of your business.

Unified communications and collaboration solutions often replace many tools your team uses and you pay for, typically completely disparate from the enterprise applications your business depends on. The UC solution consolidates — unifies — all the communications of your organisation within one interface, and can integrate with your enterprise business applications. Unification greatly reduces costs and increases productivity, significantly impacting your bottom line.

In addition to voice service, today’s comprehensive UCaaS solutions include chat, audio & video conferencing, desktop sharing, web meeting, full mobility functionality, and the ability to work on any device, anywhere, anytime all with the same business identity.

Is Your Phone System Holding You Back or Helping You Fly?

In today’s mobile, fast-moving world, businesses need modern communications to stay competitive. But traditional PBX phone systems are anything but modern. They no longer meet business needs and they can actually restrict your profitability.

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Feature Rich

With all the capabilities of modern, cloud-based unified communications solutions, you can gain competitive advantage and eliminate the chaos of multiple systems. Stay up to date with technology. Alleviate burden on IT. All while saving money!

Unleash Your Business’s True Potential

Traditional on-premise phone systems are no longer a match for modern businesses.
They have been superseded by Cloud Communications that maximise your profitability and unleash your business’s true potential.
Increase Productivity
Capitalise on More Opportunities
Ensure Seamless Customer Experiences
Be More Competitive
Reduce Your Risks
Ensure Seamless Customer Experiences

The Hidden Costs of Traditional Phone Systems


Is Your Phone System Holding You Back or Helping You Fly?



Choosing the Right Cloud Solution for You

Buyer’s Guide

Why You Should Switch to Cloud Communications

Releasing your business from the limitations of an outdated, on-premise phone system, Cloud Communications enables you to maximise your profitability and grow your business so you can achieve your full potential.

Expand your opportunities

By freeing you from the constraints of a physical location and a fixed workforce, a Cloud Communications solution enables you to expand your opportunities.

Ensure seamless experiences

Cloud Communications solutions integrate multiple communications and collaboration services into a single solution, enabling you to deliver the seamless experiences that your employees and your customers now expect.

Work smarter, anywhere

Enabling access to all the information and tools your employees need – anywhere and anytime – a Cloud Communications solution can significantly improve your people’s productivity.

Stay ahead with the latest technology

By ensuring you are always upgraded to the latest technology, a Cloud Communications solution helps you stay competitive and at the forefront of business communication developments.

Reduce your risks

Cloud Communications solutions feature the built-in resilience and security you need to significantly reduce the risks of damaging downtime.

Free up time

Because your service provider manages and maintains your Cloud Communications solution, you are free to focus on adding more value to your business.


Planning Your Transition to Cloud Communications


Moving to a New Business Phone System



Is Your Phone System Holding You Back or Helping You Fly?




Helping You Transition to Cloud Communications

With our market-leading Cloud Communications and complementary services for data, networking and security, OCN equips you with the right solution.

We work with you to ensure:

  • You understand your current assets and capabilities
  • Your network is ready for the solution you want
  • Network security and optimisation deliver maximum performance
  • Everything is tailored to your business and way of working
  • Your team gets the tools they need to work most efficiently
  • You transition without business interruption
  • The right people get the right training

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