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Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC), also often referred to as Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCaaS), is the current term for referring to an enterprise, real-time communications solution that includes many tools of today’s businesses in one integrated platform.

UC platforms typically include: voice (VoIP); chat/IM; presence/availability; and unified messaging (integrated voicemail, email, fax, and SMS). The comprehensive solutions also include desktop and document sharing; web meeting ability; audio and videoconferencing, thus taking the place of other, sometimes costly, web meeting and videoconferencing tools.

OneCloud Networks InfusiONE solution deploys BroadSoft’s BroadCloud and BroadWorks platforms, complementing them with other services and integrations to provide everything your business needs for state of the art communications.

Flowing your communications through your end-to-end business process increases efficiency and productivity, resulting in reduced costs and increased revenue. And, delighted customers!

In short, we empower your business to gain competitive advantage.

The Sum is Greater than the Parts

In the cloud, the quality of voice and UC service depends on the quality of the underlying network. OCN leverages partners to provide full turnkey solutions, that include all the communications components you need to get your company running: cabling, data service, SD-WAN, virtual desktop, mobile device management, and more. If it’s part of your organisation’s overall communications solution, OCN has it covered either directly or through the strength of our partners.

More of a Do It Yourself organisation? That’s ok too. OCN works with customer’s IT groups to ensure the necessary components are in place and service levels are met.

Bottom line: We deliver a superior solution at the best price.

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