Mobile Device Management

A major driver of Unified Communications is the mobility it enables. Employees can work from anywhere, anytime, leveraging the same tools they would use in the office. This has caused user mobile devices to appear on networks at alarming rates.

This proliferation of mobile devices connecting daily to the network — iOS, Androids, tablets, smartphones — opens up the question of employees using their own mobile devices and the issue of security across devices.

Mobile device management (MDM) enables your team to work securely where and how they want to, while putting fewer demands on IT to maintain both the devices and the secure environment.


Simple, Low Cost BYOD

User-owned devices have exploded onto corporate networks everywhere, with new smartphones and tablets connecting every day. It’s critical to maintain secure network access and apply device-specific policies without opening security holes or burdening IT with extensive support.

Cisco Meraki’s built-in BYOD support makes it easier than ever to securely support user-owned iPads, Androids, smartphones, and laptops – without additional network appliances, costly licensing, or complex network configurations.

Everything You Need

The Cisco Meraki solution provides device-based security policies and built-in MDM. From one centralised dashboard, unified management is achieved across mobile devices, computers (PC and Mac), and the entire network. The straightforward dashboard is your control interface to enforce device security policies, conduct over the air (OTA) software and app deployment, live troubleshooting from a remote location, and more.

Cisco Meraki is a robust, easy to use, low cost solution, completely scalable and readily deployed for the SMB space to the enterprise. Manage thousands of devices in a secure, reliable, worry free BYOD network.

How It Works

As a Cisco Meraki Authorised Reseller, OCN takes care of everything, from helping develop your BYOD policies to setting up and deploying the solution. We will show you the ropes so you can scale your device fleet and manage all the new apps that come along. While we will show you the way, OCN always has your back and we’re just a phone call away with 24/7/365 support.


Pre-enroll devices or dynamically add users as they join your network. Deploy wireless and VPN connectivity settings, push apps and content, or restrict usage—based on user groups.


Locate and track managed devices anywhere in the world. Get real-time information about device health, security position, and software and hardware inventory for your entire fleet of devices.


Ensure security for your organisation from devices to network policies. Protect devices and their data with encryption enforcement, enterprise remote wipe, and integrated network access control.


Identify all devices on your network, with no configuration required. Client devices are automatically identified and classified, enabling you to distinguish between iPads and iPhones, device operating systems, and even manufacturer.

Virus Protection

Prevent unmanaged devices from spreading viruses on the network. All commonly affected devices are scanned, ensuring antivirus software is installed and running. Devices that fail to meet antivirus requirements are placed in a quarantine, where antivirus software can be downloaded.


See how many BYOD clients have connected, measure the bandwidth they’ve used, and even see their percentage of total traffic. Network summary reports are delivered to your inbox at any time or on an automatic, monthly schedule.

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Device Freedom Without Compromising the IT Network

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