Contact Centre Optimisation

Turn Your Contact Centre into a Strategic Asset

Build more valuable relationships with your customers. Route calls to the right agent not just any agent.
To be strategic, contact centres must adapt to business demands on-the-fly. They need to scale up or down and change routing and messaging strategies as needed throughout the day. These modifications must be made to achieve operational efficiency and performance metrics. Doing so assures service levels are met and quality customer service is never sacrificed.

Revolutionise Your Contact Centre

As the role of contact centres changes – moving from being a pure cost centre to a strategic asset – it is now all about agent productivity.  The focus is no longer on just cost reduction but increasing sales and maximising the outcomes of the service sector are the core metrics, reflecting on how much real value is being delivered.

We Have the Solution

We can transform your existing contact centre into a strategic business asset by using CC-One.  This is an omni-channel, cloud contact centre product that makes use of predictive analytics to reduce operating costs and boost business performance.

It makes no difference which type of KPIs you use to measure results within your contact centre; CC-One will enable you to oversee, manage and increase them.

A Flexible Cloud Solution for Your Contact Centre

CC-One will meet with all of your demands when it comes to providing omni-channel customer communications that blend with your existing set-up.  CC-One will link with Salesforce, providing you with predictive analytics that will maximise operations and bring full visibility and global control to your sites and on premise systems – all from the cloud.

Your Omni-Channel Contact Centre

You get everything; web, voice, chat and email along with social channels, all via a central cloud contact centre.  Agent productivity is increased and the customer experience enhanced.

Salesforce Call Centre

Link with Salesforce to provide cohesive centralised operations to improve manager, administrator and agent results.

Contact Centre with Full Analytics

Make use of predictive analytics that work powerfully to match customers to agents, making use of historical interaction data from both thus optimising results.

Business Features from the Cloud Contact Centre

Whether you are a start-up, SME, well-established centre looking to radically improve operations or a larger enterprise requiring increased visibility and control over multi-sites, CC-One has the perfect solution.

CC-One offers a total solution with omni-channel customer interactions over email, web, chat and social media routes. Integrated collaboration is provided between your agents and the back office via chat, voice and even video. You benefit from fully integrated workforce optimisation, control of outbound campaigns and analytics and forensics that enable your contact centre in the cloud to out-perform all others.

Even if you have an old system in place, there is no need to worry; CC-One can smoothly relocate you to the cloud. Reap all of the benefits without having to suffer due to disruptive changes.

Hybrid Cloud Based Contact Centre

Omni-channel customer interactions are centrally routed to on-premise and cloud based systems providing a smooth passage.

The Many Benefits of CC-One

CC-One radically increases the effectiveness and productivity of your agent, managers and administrators, providing a totally seamless experience for customers across all channels.

Omni-Channel Interactions With Customers

Communicate with your customers via voice, web, email, chat and social from a central base

Unified Communications

Benefit from smooth communications between all staff including agents, managers and administrators

Predictive Analytics-Based Routing

Obtain optimum results by matching customer and agent perfectly

Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

Manage everything from one central hub including ACD, speech-enabled IVR, WFO, Outbound Campaigns and integration of your CRM

Performance Analytics

Gain full comprehension of both customer and agent behaviour in order to drive your business

Customer Journey Benefits from Omni-Channel View

Use analytics provided by the integrated “voice of the customer” to scrutinise cross-channel customer interactions.

Only the Best Companies Choose the CC-One Cloud Contact Centre Solution

Whether you are a small business, medium sized company or a large enterprise, OneCloud Networks Limited will help your sales and contact centre improve business performances by easy transfer to the cloud.

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