Your business process speaks and we listen. Time after time we meet with organisations looking for voice, not understanding what unified communications has to offer. Further, not realising how their employees are using various communications tools and the associated costs. The benefit of bringing these tools together into one cohesive solution goes right to the bottom line.

OCN offers FREE Communications Assessments. Never be in the dark again.

  • “We communicate via IM or chat internally, but surely no one talks with customers or partners that way,” is a statement we hear all too frequently.
  • How often are these communications outside the business environment? Through individual social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, Skype, Twitter, or Gmail, and are not captured by the business.
  • If the end result is closing the deal, some organisations take a stance of whatever it takes to get the deal done. If the deal falls apart, or there’s a customer satisfaction issue along the way, the stance is very different.
  • Why take the risk? Why not maximise the number of deals you’re able to close and new relationships you can build to stack the pipeline by putting the best tools in the hands of your team.
  • How do your employees use their devices?
  • Is your team connected while outside the office or do you need them to be?
  • Do people in disparate locations work “side-by-side?”
  • Are your team’s communications with customers or partners, as well as with each other, currently inside or outside the business environment?
  • What percentage of your workforce is mobile, and how much does their productivity need to be optimised?
  • What does your team feel is inhibiting their productivity, and how could UC help to overcome these obstacles?
  • What technology currently is in place?
  • Does your team have a need to share documents, or conduct a videoconference meeting on the fly?
  • Are there bandwidth considerations?
  • How will UC fit into existing systems?
  • What benefits does your sales team see to autologging customer communications within the CRM?
  • How could management benefit from insights into trends such as common objections, or customer satisfaction issues, or the engagement level of their team?
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