What UC Can Do for You

What UC Can Do for You

Unified communications solutions manage businesses more effectively. Taking your solutions to the cloud reduces capex and total cost of ownership (TCO). It also keeps your business on the latest technology, always, without downtime to implement upgrades and new capabilities. This latter point means your business is not “living without” these competitive advantages like so many organizations choose to do because of the painful upgrade process.

Unified communications simplifies your business while adding many capabilities you didn’t have before, or perhaps did not even know existed. When most people think of communications, they think voice. Yes UC provides voice, but it is so much more than that. Moving to the cloud enables so much more. Some features and functionality you likely already use, but on a different platform. This includes common business tools like online web conferencing (e.g., WebEx, JoinMe), presence (e.g., Skype, Facebook Messenger), chat and desktop sharing (e.g., Skype, GoToMeeting). UC combines all these capabilities into one platform, unifying them, just like the name Unified Communications.


Unifying your communications enables a collection of other capabilities that streamline your business, increasing efficiency and effectivity. For example, your contacts are now available across your complete (unified) communications platform. You can quickly and seamlessly add a contact to your discussion with the click of a button, and share a document so the group can collaborate on a project. You can click to dial, which will place a call from your deskphone, computer or mobile device. You can slide a call over from you deskphone to your mobile device and keep on talking as you walk so you are not late for your next meeting or appointment. And most importantly, the same application is available on all these devices (at no additional cost) so employees can maintain their professional identity regardless of when or where they take or place a call. No more need to give out your personal cell phone number or remember to forward your phone when you leave the office; the app is on your phone already, always available when you choose to use it.

And finally, for the ultimate in competitive advantage, UC can be integrated with CRM and other enterprise platforms to create ONE seamless process. Everything we talked about above (synched contacts, click to dial, capture communications log, single app across your devices, share your desktop, audio/video conference, etc.) is integrated with your business process, closing the gap between your communications and your systems. Managers, executives and end users can focus on the critical functions of their role and what’s important to running the business.

All this talk is well and good, but you’re probably wondering what unified communications can do specifically for your type of organization. Let’s take a walk through a few industry examples and you can see how UC is helping grow today’s businesses.

Attorney: Practice is struggling with documenting billable hours. Implemented UC + practice management to capture billable hours. Our customers have reported up to 50% increase in documented billable hours.

CEO: I’d like to see more growth and my team is very capable, but so much time is spent tracking people down when they could be in the field. Implemented UC with collaboration package. Presence makes it easy to see when people are available. Chat enables quick answers to questions that get lost in email, resulting in no lost time waiting for answers. Customers report double digit increases in productivity and efficiency.

Sales Management: Your sales team’s time should be spent selling instead of entering data into a CRM. A complete activity report with all calls and communications is a dream. Implemented UC + CRM. Communications are auto-logged to the CRM. The sales manager has real-time access to the team’s activity level, overall and individually. Rules can be set and alerts can be sent for specified activity levels and milestones.

Entrepreneur: You want to establish a professional presence and implement technology to scale and grow with your business. Implemented UC with collaboration. Area code of choice and auto-attendant provide immediate presence and perception of a professional organization. Being in the cloud means you add (or subtract) lines and service you need as you expand. It also means your technology moves with you wherever you go, by simply having a data connection…whether your garage, the coffee shop, your first office environment or when you take over the whole floor or building and enjoy the corner office yourself.

Office Manager: You are tired of troubleshooting multiple service providers during interruptions and paying several bills. Implemented UC with collaboration. Everything is tied together on one system with one bill.

Finance: You want to eliminate the need to buy and manage expensive infrastructure components, and reduce time employees are filling out paperwork or entering data. Implemented UC (in the cloud), eliminating capex expenses and big equipment in the closet to maintain. Integrated with CRM to establish one integrated business process, automating many tasks so employees can spend more time in the field.

Broker: You just represented a tenant who has asked you “how do I get Internet or phones installed in my new office space?” Now you know where to send them. We have relationships with many brokers and property managers who are recognized as a resource by their tenants. This extra element of client satisfaction results in greater referrals. Our broker partners love having a high quality resource to refer to their clients.

Business Suite Industry: You are tired of losing deals due to your dated phone system or giving credit to clients for downtime on unreliable systems. You want additional features to offer your clients. Value-add can often be the difference in winning clients. We partner with business suite organizations to implement their own communications solution, and to provide services for their tenants. This takes precious team members out of the process of managing the phone system, eliminates credits for downtime, reduces capex in opening a new building or upgrading an existing one, and if desired, can provide an additional revenue stream at no cost.

Consultant: Your organization experiences any communications concerns or you are consulting for a business that is. We know your reputation is on the line and we take that seriously. We have a complete partner and referral program, with an established network of happy consultants.

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