Call Recording with OneCloud Networks provides the ability to record calls in real-time, access recorded assets, and analyze call data to make quick business decisions. Call Recording is ideal for companies wanting to monitor and improve call handling, organizations with regulatory requirements to record calls and users that wish to record on a call-by-call basis. Organizations in the health care, legal and finance fields, as well as customer support and sales teams frequently use call recording for quality assurance, training and transaction verification purposes.

Call Recording Overview

Call Recording is an integrated cloud-based application, providing a wealth of features to meet individual user and company demands. Administrators can access an intuitive web portal that provides real-time access to recordings, monitoring, reports and alerts.

Call recordings can be securely downloaded via the portal, which stores up to 30 days of saved recordings:

The Call Recording feature is simple to configure and use.

  • Access to call recordings is provided via your portal interface. The account administrator is able to search, filter, add searchable comments, play, and download the recordings.
  • Call Recording may be configured to record all user calls, or only selected calls initiated on an “on- demand” basis by the user via a feature access code on the phone.
  • The account administrator is also provided with a real-time “First Look” summary of system data including information about calls in progress, total number of completed calls, the sum duration of recorded calls, and available audio storage.
  • The site administrator can optionally configure whether a pre-alerting announcement message (default or custom) is played before the call is sent to the user.

Product Features

  • Dashboard – Featuring summarized data of recorded calls, the dashboard offers a statistical overview of call traffic.
  • Annotation – The user has the ability to place markers within the recording file with text comments and to upload documents associated with the recorded call. For future reference of the call, users can go straight to the comments for review.
  • Categories – Administrators can create their own categories and associate group recorded calls, to ease with future search needs.