Is it safe to use mobile devices outside of the office?

Is it safe to use mobile devices outside of the office?

The era that we live in is under the rule of technology, and the king of technology is, of course, the smartphone. Mobile devices, such as smartphones serve as a gateway to endless possibilities.

The applications of smartphones are innumerable. These devices are helping businesses enhance their efficiency, productivity, as well as profits. One concept that is rapidly gaining a firm footing in the corporate world all around the globe is the concept of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD).

With BYOD, the companies can create an open, efficient, and a relaxing working environment. It helps companies save the money that is needed to buy each of their employee’s mobile devices, and it increases the levels of happiness and satisfaction among employees. In addition to this, the convenient use of smartphones helps boost the productivity of the company.

The only serious drawback of adopting the concept of BYOD is that it may hinder the privacy of the company and expose it to security breaches.

Mobile device management – The Solution

If you are thinking of incorporating the BYOD concept in your company but worried about the safety, you need a secure, reliable, and efficient Mobile device management system. The biggest concern of companies with BYOD is whether it is safe to use mobile devices outside the office or not.

OneCloud Networks provides the companies in the Unites States and United Kingdom with the most reliable, efficient, and safe Mobile device management. The Cisco Meraki’s built-in BYOD is an affordable solution and securely supports all the employee-owned devices. Meraki’s solution boasts numerous benefits for your company.

Strong Security

With this comprehensive solution, you can create an entirely secure network of your employee’s mobile devices. All the devices are fully encrypted, and the enterprise remote wipe along with the integrated network access control makes controlling the security simple.

Centralised Control

You can establish unified management through a dashboard that serves as a centralised control unit. You can easily control the entire network with this central control unit. It becomes easy to manage tasks such as the enforcement of device security, conducting deployment of OTA software/apps, and live troubleshooting from remote locations.

Ease of Monitoring

The highly sophisticated monitoring facility helps you monitor any of the managed devices from anywhere around the world. Gather real-time information and easily ensure the security of all devices, regardless of where they are.

Detailed Reporting Capability

The mobile device management system provides detailed reports and covers the areas such as the used bandwidth, total traffic, and other network reports.

By incorporating the Meraki’s BYOD and MDM solution, you can make business management easy, simple, and convenient. Contact OneCloud Networks today to get the holistic MDM and BYOD solution by Meraki.


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