Improve Your Business Process with Cloud Communications

Improve Your Business Process with Cloud Communications

Cloud PBX is a phone and voicemail system which is hosted by your VoIP provider. It enables small businesses to have the professional answering system of a corporation without buying landline phone equipment. A hosted PBX plan enables employees to work from their home, on the road or even call in from across the ocean and be connected to a central office phone system.

What is a Cloud PBX System?

Cloud PBX system users can have music playing when callers are on hold, transfer calls, have an automated attendant direct callers to different departments, or arrange conference calls. Cloud PBX works just like a full-fledged corporate switchboard system without the hardware and at a fraction of the cost.  A cloud PBX service can work with your current landline system or replace it. It works with cell phones, VoIP, landlines or may include VoIP services as part of the package. Cloud PBX can be customized for a home office, small or medium sized business or call center.  Businesses can mix and match the services they need, including conference calls, call queues, local phone numbers and long-distance phone numbers.

Streamline Your Office Communication System

These PBX features can be integrated with other aspects of the modern office like email. Chat, email and voicemail boxes can be combined for faster mobile or onsite communication with hosted services. With unified calling, email and chat, there’s no delay in receiving or sharing important messages or documents. Employees and managers can connect instantly, enabling companies to finish projects and correct problems quicker. Brainstorming no longer requires meetings in the boardroom – one employee can be on the road, another in the office, and one on the road and they can still communicate in real time thanks to their cloud PBX solution

OneCloud Networks offers unified communications solutions for small and medium businesses. Integrated with several CRM platforms, OneCloud Networks can provide your complete integrated business system. Cloud PBX solutions can give any business, in any industry, the edge it needs to efficiently communicate and collaborate over the phone and online, share and store documents, conference with customers and partners, and capture a higher percentage of billable hours. Better visibility with colleagues and clients means increased prospects that lead to increased sales. Employees can leverage the communication method that works for them, and either “Click to conference” or “click to call” within the application of their choice. Integrate video and voice calling, collaborate in workgroups “in the cloud” and avoid using hard drives, flash drives or other storage devices. OneCloud Networks provides CRM integration on computers, desktop phones and mobile devices.   Call us today at 844.450.3527 for a free unified communications assessment!

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