Flexible Working – A Myth Or A Reality?

Flexible Working – A Myth Or A Reality?

When it comes to the modern offices, there are traditions which are being pushed, challenged and broken. Modern technology and innovative thinking have paved the way for new methods of working, and one such method is flexible working – where a person has the ability to choose the start and finish time of a working day. The premise that people can work flexible hours and still succeed is something which people once sneered at, but has become a reality now.

How Does Flexible Working Become Possible?

Flexible working is, interestingly enough, a system which has been pioneered by women. In the modern world, most of the women prefer to work because they are highly qualified, extremely competent individuals who have the brains, skills and mindset to succeed, and that is something which a lot of companies are looking for.

However, there are many women who have children at home. These women cannot work full time in offices. Therefore, companies started to adjust their internal policies and systems to accommodate this group of highly proficient women, and that is where the concept of flexible working was introduced.

Some companies orchestrate a job share system – where two people share a high-level position – for those who are prepared to work in the evenings and at weekends. Or they offer much more flexible hours when it comes to the completion of tasks, knowing that these passionate and driven individuals will work in the night if need be.

Do You Have The Right Communication System For The Job?

Of course, for flexible working to be possible, you need to have a communications system in place which allows everyone to communicate and collaborate with ease. That is where things like VoIP and Unified Communications come into play, as it turns any device you own into a suitable system for communicating with colleagues. Cloud Communications is also something which is beneficial for people who work flexible hours, as it is easy to share documents and files with colleagues regardless of where they are based or what they are doing.

As well as this, it is also a lesser-known fact that people who work from home are more inclined to communicate with colleagues, so hiring someone who is both a parent and a well-trained business person might not be such a bad idea after all.

Overall, flexible working is something which can work very well for businesses and enables them to retain the talent they have found by allowing their workers to use flexible work schedule. Therefore, companies that are willing to compromise on the traditional procedures and working practices are the best choice for individuals who want flexibility in their working hours.

Whether your employees work flexible hours in the office or outside the office premises, a good communication system is also really important when it comes to making sure that everyone is at their best. The hallmarks of a modern business is about efficiency, equal opportunities and flexibility, so make sure you provide the contemporary work environment as soon as possible.

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